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UoE students rock the PSA

Edinburgh's Political Studies Association Undergraduate game is strong

 Several PIR and Sociology students presented their research at the PSA's Undergraduate Conference, held this April down the tracks in Glasgow. Well done to all the presenters! A few pictures below, and here is what they talked about:

Nishad Sanzagiri (PIR), ‘The Management of Ethnolinguistic Cleavages in India and Pakistan: A Comparative Case Study’ (on how language can be used as a tool for conflict regulation in postcolonial countries)

Maria Pabolaza LaCambra (Sociology), 'Foreclosures, Reposessions and Mobilizations: the on-going repercussions of the 2008 financial crisis in Spain'

Laura Collison (PIR), 'Strengthening the State through Internet Controls: A Comparison of Turkey and Egypt'

Gabriela de Meaux Vidal-Quadras (PIR), 'The Role of the State in Development'
Franz Huebner (PIR), 'The legitimacy of the politicised European Central Bank'

picLaura Collison


Nishad Sanzagiri


Maria Pabolaza LaCambra

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