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Elizabeth Bomberg

Elizabeth Bomberg
Professor Elizabeth Bomberg
Professor of Environmental Politics
3.06 Chrystal Macmillan Building 15a George Square Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
+44 (0)131 650 4248
Research Interests
Environment, Sustainability, shale governance, community energy, mobilization

Guidance and Feedback Hours

  • My guidance hours in 2019-20 are Tuesdays, 2-4pm.


BA, California State University; MA and PhD,  University of California

Elizabeth Bomberg was educated in California before moving to Britain in the 1990s. She has taught at the Universities of York and Stirling (Britain), the College of Europe (Bruges, Belgium), and has held research posts in Brussels and at the University of California, Berkeley. Her current research interests include comparative environmental politics and policy, energy and climate change,  shale governance and US politics.


Elizabeth is Programme Director for the MSc Global Environment, Politics and Society;  Co-Director of the University’s Global Environment and Society Academy (GESA) and Senatus member of the University Court.


Elizabeth has a keen interest in teaching methods, approaches and innovation. She is recipient of the University's Student Association's teaching award as well as the Principal’s Teaching Award Scheme, the Chancellor's Award for Teaching Excellence, and the national Political Studies Association Award for Outstanding Teaching. Her core teaching covers Environmental Politics, US Politics, EU Politics and Sustainable Development. 

Elizabeth also helps coordinate PIR’s expanding initiatives to widen participation and has a list of  suggestions for strengthening the links between teaching and research.


Elizabeth's primary research activity falls into the broad area of comparative environmental politics, with particular substantive emphasis on activism, climate change, shale politics and community energy, and a geographic focus on the EU and US. Her monographs, edited textbook, and several journal articles and chapters investigate environmental politics and policymaking in these two polities.

Along with colleague Nicola McEwen, Elizabeth led a UKERC-funded project on grassroots mobilization and energy governance in Scotland (EnGAGE).  She was Co-I on a major AHRC–funded study of faith-based activism and climate change, joining a multi-disciplinary team from Divinity, Economic and Social HistoryPhilosophy and Geography

Recent Publications

Elizabeth Bomberg (2020) ‘US Environmental Politics under Trump:  Domestic and Global Implications’  Political Insight vol 11, Issue 1

Kidwell, J. Ginn, F. Northcott, M. Bomberg, E., Hague, A. (2019) ‘Christian climate care: Slow change, modesty and eco‐theo‐citizenshipGeo: Geography and Environment vol 5(2). 

Porter, S. Reay,  Bomberg, E. and Higgins, P.  (2018)  ‘Avoidable food losses and associated production-phase greenhouse gas emissions arising from application of cosmetic standards to fresh fruit and vegetables in Europe and the UK’ Journal of Cleaner Production vol 201, November, pages 869-878.

Bomberg, E. and Hague, A. (2018) ‘Faith-based climate action in Christian congregations: mobilisation and spiritual resources’ Local Environment vol. 2,( 5): 582-96.

Porter, S. Reay,  Bomberg, E. and Higgins, P.  (2018)  ‘Production-phase greenhouse gas emissions arising from deliberate withdrawal and destruction of fresh fruit and vegetables under the EU’s Common Agricultural Policy’  Science of the Total Environment  Vol 631-32,  August, pp1544-1552.

Elizabeth Bomberg  (2017) ‘Environmental Politics in the Trump Era: An Early Assessment, Environmental Politics, vol 26(5): 956-63.

Elizabeth Bomberg (2017) ‘Trump’s First 100 Days:  The Curious Case for Climate Optimism’ The Geographer Magazine, Royal Scottish Geographical Society.

Elizabeth Bomberg,  (2017)  ‘Fracking and framing in transatlantic perspective: a comparison of shale politics in the US and European Union’ Journal of Transatlantic Studies, vol 15: 1-20 Published online: Jan 2017.

Elizabeth Bomberg (2017) ‘Shale We Drill? Discourse Dynamics in UK Fracking Debates’ Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, June 2015; available on-line.

Stephen Porter, Dave Reay, Peter Higgins and Elizabeth Bomberg  (2016) ‘A half-century of production-phase greenhouse gas emissions from food loss & waste in the global food supply chain.’ Sci Total Environ. 2016 Jul 15. pii: S0048-9697(16)31486-3.

Elizabeth Bomberg  (2015) ‘Greening the State, American Style’  in Bäckstrand, K. and Kronsell, A. (eds.)  Rethinking the Green State: Environmental Governance Towards Climate and Sustainability Transitions, pp. 122-37. Routledge/Earthscan.

Mitchell Small, Paul Stern, Elizabeth Bomberg, Susan Christopherson, et al (2014) ‘Risks and Risk Governance in Unconventional Shale Development’ Environmental Science & Technology., vol 48 (15): 8289-97

Elizabeth Bomberg (2014) Governing shale gas development : The European Experience Issues in Energy and Environmental Policy Report, CLOSUP Series. Gerald Ford School of Public Policy, University of Michigan.

Nicola McEwen and Elizabeth Bomberg (2014) ‘Sub-State Climate Pioneers: A case study of Scotland’s energy and climate change programme’, Regional and Federal Studies vol 24(1): 63-85.

Claire Haggett, Emily Creamer, Jelte Harnmeijer, Matthew Parsons and Elizabeth Bomberg (2013) Community Energy in Scotland: the Social Factors for Success Edinburgh: CXC Report, October.

Elizabeth Bomberg and Nicola McEwen (2012) 'Mobilizing Community Energy' Energy Policy vol 51: 435-44.

Elizabeth Bomberg (2012) 'Mind the (Mobilization) Gap: Comparing Climate Activism in the United States and European Union' Review of Policy Research, vol 29(3): 411-33. 

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD under Elizabeth's supervision, please click here: PhD

Topics interested in supervising

Environmental politics and politics; climate politics and activism; community energy; shale governance; religion and environment; EU or US environmental policy; comparative environmental politics; NGOs, multilevel governance and environment

If you are interested in being supervised by Elizabeth Bomberg, please see the links below for more information:

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