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Politics and International Relations (PIR): People


Shaina Western

Shaina Western
Dr Shaina Western
Lecturer in International Relations and Quantitative Methods
B.08 19 George Square Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Organizations and institutions, Human rights, International Law & International Relations, Quantitative Methods

Guidance and Feedback Hours

  • By appointment

Programme Director MSc International Relations

Dr Western is a lecturer in International Relations and Quantitative Methods. She has been at Edinburgh since 2018, after receiving her Ph.D. from the University of California, Davis in 2015 and holding a position as a departmental lecturer at the University of Oxford. In her research, Dr Western is interested in understanding why states create and commit themselves to international treaties. How do factors in the creation phase of an agreement affect the commitment phase of the negotiation? Why do states choose to commit themselves to international agreements and when will they choose to not commit?

Topics interested in supervising

International organizations, international negotiations, treaties, and cooperation.

If you are interested in being supervised by Shaina Western, please see the links below for more information:

PhD in Politics; MSc (R) Politics