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Politics and International Relations (PIR): People


Stephen Hill

Stephen Hill
Stephen Hill
Senior Teaching Fellow
3.01 Chrystal Macmillan Building 15a George Square Edinburgh UK
+44 (0) 131 6515362
Research Interests
International Relations, Peace and conflict, Counterterrorism, Policing

Guidance and Feedback Hours

  • Tues 2-4pm or by appointment


BSc in Politics and Sociology (University of Salford) 
MA in European Studies (University of Birmingham)
PhD (University of Birmingham) 


Stephen is a Senior Teaching Fellow in Politics and International Relations with an enphasis on the student experience. Before joining the University of Edinburgh in 2018, he was a Professor of Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire (UWEC), USA (2002-2017) and a post-doctoral Franklin Teaching Fellow at the University of Georgia, USA (1999-2002).  During his time at UWEC he was heavlily involved in the construction and assessment of a new outcomes-based Liberal Arts curriculum. From 2014-17 he served as the first Director of UWEC's Center for Global Politics. In 2017 Stephen became the editor of the Taking Sides: World Politics text for McGraw-Hill Publishers. 

Select Publications 

Books and edited works: 

Hill, S.M. (2004) United Nations Disarmament Processes in Intra-State Conflict, Palgrave-Macmillan Press.

Hill, S.M. and Malik, S. (1996) Peacekeeping and the United Nations, Dartmouth Press.

Hill, S.M. (ed.) (2006) ‘Future Directions in Small Arms Control’, special issue of Contemporary Security Policy, vol.27, no.1.

Peer reviewed articles: 

Hill, S.M. (2017) `Community Policing, Homeland Security and the Somali Diaspora in Minnesota’, Democracy and Security , vol.13, no.3

Hill, S.M., and Beger, R.R. (2009) ‘A Paramilitary Policing Juggernaut’, Social Justice, vol.36, no.1.

Hill, S.M., Beger, R.R, and Zanetti, J.M. (2007) ‘Plugging the Security Gap or Springing a Leak: Questioning the Growth of Paramilitary Policing in US Domestic and Foreign Policy’, Democracy and Security, vol.3, no.3.

Hill, S.M. (2006) `Neorealism, Neoliberalism, Constructivism and the Role of Third-Parties in the Disarmament of Civil Warring Factions’, Civil Wars, vol.8, no.1.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning : 

Mumford, K., Hill, S.M. and Kieffer, L. (2017) `Utilizing Undergraduate Research to Enhance Interdisciplinary Learning’, CUR Quarterly, vol. 37, no.4.