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Richard Wyn Jones

Richard Wyn Jones
Professor Richard Wyn Jones
Professor of Welsh Politics and Director of the Wales Governance Centre, Cardiff University
Edinburgh UK

Professor Richard Wyn Jones is Director of the Wales Governance and Professor of Welsh Politics at Cardiff University. Previously he was Professor of Welsh Politics and founding Director if the Institute of Welsh Politics at the Department of International Politics at Aberystwyth University. Richard has written extensively on contemporary Welsh politics, devolved politics in the UK and nationalism. In addition, he was also one of the founders of Critical Security Studies. Richard is a regular and widely respected broadcaster, commentating on Welsh politics in both Welsh and English for the BBC in Wales and across the UK. He has also presented two TV series. Richard is a regular columnist for the Welsh language current affairs magazine Barn.



Richard Wyn Jones's books include: ‘Y Blaid Ffasgaidd yng Nghymru’: Plaid Cymru a’r Cyhuddiad o Ffasgaeth (‘The Fascist Party in Wales’: Plaid Cymru and the Accusation of Fascism) (2013), Wales Says Yes: Welsh Devolution and the 2011 Referendum (2012 - with Roger Scully),  Rhoi Cymru’n Gyntaf: Syniadaeth Wleidyddol Plaid Cymru, Cyfrol 1 (Putting Wales First: The political thought of Plaid Cymru, Volume 1) (2007),  Critical Theory and World Politics (2001 - Editor and Contributor) and  Security, Strategy and Critical Theory ( 1999).