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Politics and International Relations (PIR): People


Gavin Barber

Gavin Barber
Gavin Barber
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
Research Interests
Political parties, Comparative European Politics, Organisation Studies


  • MSc European Politics with Distinction (University of Glasgow, 2010)
  • MA Honours First English Literature and Politics (University of Glasgow, 2009)


  • Dr. Nicola McEwen and Dr. Wilfried Swenden

Research Title

  • Inside the Design: an Organisational Effects Model of Party Behaviour. 

Awards and Publications

  • Altiero Spinelli Prize 2010 from University of Glasgow
  • SSPS Scholarship 2010 from University of Edinburgh
  • Barber, Gavin (2010) 'Participative Sovereignty' in Scottish Affairs Winter, No. 70, pp. 91-103
  • Treaty of Rome Conference First Prize 2008 from Europa Institute, University of Edinburgh, and European Parliament


  • Scotland: Society and Politics
  • Introduction to Politics and International Relations
  • International Cooperation in Europe and Beyond
  • Democracy in Comparative Perspective
  • Social and Political Enquiry

Office Hours

  • Wednesday, 4pm to 6pm 

Research Interests

My main interests are political parties and the organisation of political parties in Europe.  I am also interested, more broadly, in Scottish politics and European integration.  Organisation studies and the sociology of organisations are also particular interests and classic works on the theory of political parties.