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Politics and International Relations (PIR): People


Benedikt Buechel

Benedikt Buechel
Benedikt Buechel
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Political Theory, Statelessness, Territorial Rights, The Ethics of Migration


Research project:

Most theories of territory are build around the relationship between land, the state that occupies it, and the citizens who live from its fruits. However, these theories have two shortcomings: first, they rarely transgress the Western conceptualization of land and land-ownership, and second, they neglect the problem of statelessness which is a consequence of the status quo territorial regime. This thesis project will address both shortcomings and start theorizing from there.

Before starting my PhD at the University of Edinburgh, I took an MA in International Studies at Seoul National University, and a BA in Philosophy and Business Studies at the University of Mannheim. I was a exchange student at the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies in 2012.


Buechel, B. (2017) A Presumptive Right to Exclude: From Imposed Obligations To A Viable Threshold, Global Politics Review, vol. 3, issue 1.

Buechel, B. (2014) Liberal Japan needs to drown out revisionist voices, East Asia Forum, Crawford School of Public Policy, Australian National University