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Politics and International Relations (PIR): People


Camilo Ardila Arévalo

Camilo Ardila Arévalo
Camilo Ardila Arévalo
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Peace and conflict, Theories of democracy, Comparative constitutionalism, just war theory, ethics, Peace and reconciliation processes

Framing peace has become more and more an activity in which notions like participation, inclusion and consultation play a crucial role as sources of political legitimacy. Despite the growing influence of these concepts, normative judgements seem to remain extensively focused on discussing to what extent the content of peace agreements reflect certain principles of justice, such as retribution, restoration and reconciliation. This situation makes procedural concerns of justice at the end of armed conflicts an undertheorized field within contemporary political theory. Specifically, there is no comprehensive analysis of whether a just peace must be the result of wider notions of political participation and inclusion. I intend to address this normative question throughout my PhD dissertation in order to balance out theoretical reasons for and against a more democratic construction of justice after war.