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Politics and International Relations (PIR): People


Christina Dineen

Christina Dineen
Christina Dineen
Edinburgh UK
Doctoral Researcher
Research Interests
Contemporary political theory, Political philosophy, Applied ethics, Ethics and morality, Resource allocation, Well-being, Bioethics


BHSc Hons Health Sciences (University of Western Ontario), 2003-2007
MSc Biomedical Ethics - Health Professional Education (University of Western Ontario), 2008-2010
MA Philosophy (Birkbeck College, University of London), 2010-2011
Yale Bioethics Summer Institute Graduate (Yale University), 2014

Working PhD Title

Interrogating need: On the role of need in matters of justice

Research Interests

I am interested in how need can be normative, and how the fact that someone is in need might present a normative claim to another person. Further, I am interested in what kind of claims need might present, and how we might understand distinctions between duties of humanity and duties of justice. I am also interested in rationing, distributive justice, and resource allocation in health care, human well-being, bioethics, and applied ethics.


Dr Tim Hayward
Professor of Environmental Political Theory, Director of the Just World Institute, and Head of the Politics & International Relations Subject Group

Dr Elizabeth Cripps
Lecturer in Political Theory and Associate Director of the Just World Institute

Awards and Publications

  • SGSSS PhD Internship Competition, 2015
  • Athens Scholarship Award, 2014
    Human Development and Capabilities Association (HDCA)
  • 'Best Postgraduate Tutor' EUSA Teaching Award Nomination, 2013-2014
    University of Edinburgh
  • Publication - The American Journal of Bioethics
    Christina Dineen (2011): Finding the Right Way to Ration, 11:7.
  • Student Abstract Award Winner, 2010
    Canadian Bioethics Society
  • Western Graduate Research Scholarship, 2008-2009
    University of Western Ontario
  • Graduate Student Teaching Assistant Award Nomination, 2009
    University of Western Ontario
  • Scholarship of Excellence, 2003-2007
    Sun Life Financial, Canada
  • Dean's Honours List, 2003-2007
    University of Western Ontario
  • Scholarship of Distinction, 2003
    University of Western Ontario

Professional Experience

  • Programme Coordinator - Just World Institute, 2014-16
    University of Edinburgh
  • PhD Internship - Public Health Sciences, 2015
    NHS Health Scotland
  • Tutor - Global Justice and Citizenship, 2013, 2014
    University of Edinburgh
  • Guest Lecturer and Teaching Assistant - Introduction to Ethics and Health, 2010
    University of Western Ontario
  • Teaching Assistant - Critical Thinking in the Health Sciences, 2008
    University of Western Ontario

Research Group Membership

Political Theory
Legal and Political Philosophy
Mason Institute PhD
Bioethics (Convenor)