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David Martí

David Martí
David Martí
Research Interests
Territorial Politics, Nationalism and National Identity, Federalism, Multiculturalism, Democracy, Political Parties, Multi-level governance


  • PhD in Politics (University of Edinburgh)
  • MSc in Nationalism Studies with Distinction (University of Edinburgh)
  • BA in Political Science (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona)

Research Interests

 My main research interests are territorial politics, political parties and multi-level governance in multinational states. More broadly, I am also interested in nationalism and national identity, multiculturalism, and democracy. My Ph.D. thesis looks at the persistence of territorial demands in stateless nations. It particularly focuses on the effects that sub-state party competition and the strategies of territorial management implemented by central governments have on boosting and shaping political parties' territorial demands in multinational contexts. My research analyses the political dynamics that have led parties in Catalonia to demand further constitutional change with cross-case comparisons with similar demands in Scotland and Flanders.


 Prof Nicola McEwen

 Dr Eve Hepburn


Martí, David (with Dani Cetrà) (2016), 'The 2015 Catalan election: a de facto referendum on independence?', Regional & Federal Studies (published online on 11 February).

Martí, David (2013), 'The 2012 Catalan Election: The First Step Towards Independence?', Regional & Federal Studies, 23(4), pp. 507-516.

Marti-Tomas, David (2010), 'National Identity and Constitutional Change: An Analysis of Scotland and Catalonia', Scottish Affairs, 73, Autumn 2010, pp. 11-35.

Conference Papers

Martí, David (2014), ‘Dealing with the Secession Threat: The Strategies of the Spanish and British Governments Compared’, paper presented at the ECPR General Conference, The University of Glasgow, UK, 3-6 September.

Martí, David (2012), 'What now? Political parties' demands for enhanced autonomy and independence after the 2006 controversial reform of the Catalan Statute of Autonomy', paper presented at the Political Studies Association Specialist Group Territorial Politics Biennial Conference, Scotland House and Wales House, Brussels, 13-14 September.

Martí, David (2012), 'From Devolution to Independence, or Something in Between? Territorial Party Politics and the Constitutional Future of Scotland', paper presented at the 4th ECPR Graduate Conference, Jacobs University, Bremen, 4-6 July.

Cetrà, Dani and David Martí (2012), 'Immigration and Linguistic Inclusion in Nationally Contested Societies: The Strategies of Catalan and Flemish Nationalist Elites', paper presented at Living Together in Diversity, Central European University, Budapest, 21-22 May.

Other Publications

Martí, David (2015), 'Spain’s national election is Sunday. Will it hold back Catalonia’s drive for independence?', Monkey Cage Blog, The Washington Post, 19 December.

Martí, David (2014), 'Per què el no d'Escòcia a la independència no afectarà Catalunya', Crític. Periodisme d'investigació, 20 September.

Martí, David (2013), 'Book Review: The Independence of Scotland: Self-government & the Shifting Politics of Union, by Michael Keating. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2009. ISBN 978-0-19-954595-7', Regional & Federal Studies, 23(5), pp. 659-661.

Martí i Tomàs, David, and Lluc Salellas i Vilar (2010), 'Escòcia: una nació de camí cap a la independència', Lluc: Revista de Cultura i d'Idees, núm. 874, Any LXXXVII, octubre-desembre 2010, pp. 9-11.

Awards and Scholarships

Beca "la Caixa" 2011 per estudis de Postgrau a Europa ('la Caixa' scholarship 2011 for Postgraduate study in Europe), Obra Social "la Caixa" (Barcelona), 2011/2013

Sir Bernard Crick Fellowship, University of Edinburgh, 2010/2011

MSc in Nationalism Studies Scholarship, University of Edinburgh, 2009/2010

Beca Col·laboració (Internship grant), Institut d'Estudis Autonòmics, Generalitat de Catalunya, 2009

Beca Col·laboració (Internship grant), Department of Political and Social Sciences, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona), (granted by Spain's Ministry of Education), 2009

Beca d'estades curtes per al desenvolupament, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) and Universidad Austral de Chile (Valdivia, Chile), 2008

Research Group Membership

  • Territorial Politics and Governing Divided Societies
  • Ethnicity, Nationalism & National Identity Network (ENNIN)
  • Elections, Public Opinion and Parties (EPOP)


  • Democracy in Comparative Perspective (SSPS) (2013/2014)
  • Scotland: Society and Politics (SSPS) (2013/2014)
  • Scottish Politics (OLL) (2013/2014)