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Politics and International Relations (PIR): People


Emilia Belknap

Emilia Belknap
Emilia Belknap
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
Research Interests
Gender & International Relations, Gender Theory, gender and political institutions, Scottish Politics, Nationalism and National Identity, Devolution and constitutional change in the UK, Critical Feminism, Feminist Theories and Research Practices, North Korea, Migration and development, Chinese Foreign Policy, Intrastate Migration Policy, women and politics

In the last two decades, Scottish women and men have experienced more referendums than ever before. Women are often homogenized into one voting identity regardless of background, race, age, nationality, and categorized as risk-averse conservative voters. Various surveys have been conducted in the last two decades in an attempt to reveal why Scottish women are less inclined to support independence and arguably nationalist political behaviours as a whole. Despite having prominent senior female politicians, Scottish politics is littered with gendered gaps in voting behaviour, representation, and support. This project investigates the puzzle of the way women vote in independence referendums. By focusing on Scotswomen and analyzing their relationship to national identity, constitutional preferences, and independence - this project explores their tendencies on an empirical level.

The primary focus of my research is developing a refreshed scholarly understanding regarding the relationship between women of sub-states, voting behaviour, and constitutional change. On a micro level, this research investigates the political gender gap in between Scotswomen, the Scottish National Party, and voting choice. On a macro level, this research hopes to challenge the way we understand the relationship between sex and voting behaviour by highlighting the significance of using a gendered lens in our critical approaches. 

Dr. James Mitchell
Dr. Meryl Kenny