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Politics and International Relations (PIR): People


Joseph Conrad

Joseph Conrad
Joseph Conrad
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Climate justice, corporate ethics, collective agency, social ontology, political theory, moral philosophy, environmental ethics, sustainability

My research investigates corporate moral responsibilities for climate change mitigation and adaptation. It argues for corporations as duty bearers in climate change and examines their responsibilities against the backdrop of fundamental moral imperatives, common principles of climate justice, and business ethics theory. To ascribe moral responsibility to corporations, my research builds on a suitable ontological conception of corporations as well as a fitting account of corporate moral agency. The aim of my research is to further develop the climate change ethics debate by regarding the corporation as a collective moral agent. While theorists have widely discussed state and individual moral responsibility in climate change, the responsibilities of other collective actors, specifically corporations, have largely been neglected. However, the omission of corporations in climate justice has severe repercussions since their actions substantially contribute to climate change. In investigating the moral responsibilities of corporations in climate change mitigation and adaptation, this project seeks to rectify this omission.


Dr Elizabeth Cripps & Dr Philip Cook


Graduate fellow of CRITIQUE (Centre for Ethics and Critical Thought)

Edinburgh Political Theory Research Group


PhD Political Theory (PIR), University of Edinburgh (2019-)

M.A. Environment and Natural Resources (Distinction), Faculty of Philosophy, University of Iceland, Reykjavík (2018)

Visiting Graduate Student, Environmental Studies & Philosophy, University of British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver (2017)

Diplom (M.Sc. equivalent) Mathematics, minor in Philosophy (Distinction), Humboldt University of Berlin (2015)

Visiting Graduate Student, Mathematics & Philosophy, Complutense University of Madrid (2012)


Bergen Summer Research School Scholarship (2019), University of Bergen, focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals and research-policy nexus

Adam Smith Research Essay Prize (2017), University of British Columbia


2021 Political Thinkers, Tutor

2020 Morality and Value, Tutor

2020 Politics and Theories of International Development (online distance learning), Tutor