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Politics and International Relations (PIR): People


Kathy Dodworth

Kathy Dodworth
Kathy Dodworth
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Theories of Legitimacy, Social capital, Foucault, state-society relations, NGOs and Development, Non-state actors, Bourdieu, Ethnography, Tanzania, African studies

PhD Research

I'm interested in how non-state actors construct their authority with which to exercise their own forms of governance. I spent 2012-3 conducting ethnographic research with NGOs in Tanzania, mapping informal, mainly discursive, legitimation practices. I am particularly interested in how NGOs interact with local government and other agencies. I draw mainly from Bourdieu in employing practice-focused enquiry. Before coming back to academia, I worked on programmes for several smaller NGOs in sub-Saharan Africa, primarily in the fields of education and health. 


...on maternity until summer 2017.

Publications and Conference Papers


I bring considerable teaching/facilitation experience from my previous NGO life. Nominated for EUSA teaching award 2014-15, have taught on the following courses:

  • Governance, Poverty, Development in Africa (Masters) 2014-16, Lecture
  • Africa in International Politics (Masters) 2015, Guest Lecturer
  • Africa in World Politics (Honours) 2015, Tutor & Guest Lecturer
  • Approaches to Politics and IR (Honours) 2012-14, Tutor

Office Hours

Currently on maternity leave.