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Konstantinos Kostagiannis

Konstantinos Kostagiannis
Konstantinos Kostagiannis
Edinburgh UK EH8 9LD
Research Interests
Classical realism, International Relations, International theory, nationalism


  • PhD in Politics (University of Edinburgh)
  • MSc in International and European Politics (University of Edinburgh)
  • BA in International and European Studies (Panteio University of Social and Political Science, Athens)

Research interests:

I am interested in different conceptualisations of power offered by l realists and their connection to the nation-state. I focus on the works of E.H. Carr, H. Morgenthau, J. Herz and J. Mearsheimer. My PhD project is an effort to illuminate how notions of power rooted in different intellectual backgrounds shaped the aforementioned realists' assumptions about international politics and the nation-state. 


Dr Sean Molloy, Dr Andrew Neal

Research Group Membership:

International Politics 

Teaching Experience: 

I have tutored and lectured in the following course: Realism in International Relations (hns). I have also tutored in the following courses: Introduction to Politics and International Relations (1st yr); International Law for IR students (1st yr); International Cooperation in Europe and Beyond (2nd yr); Social and Political Theory 2 (2nd yr); Theories of International Relations (Hns); Approaches to Politics and International Relations (Hns); International Security (MSc). I have been nominated for the EUSA teaching award for the academic year 2011-2012.  


(2014) 'Hans Morgenthau and the Tragedy of the Nation-State', The International History Review, 36 (3), pp. 513-529

(2013) 'Mind the Gap between Nationalism and International Relations: Power and the nation-state in E.H Carr's realism', International Politics, 50 (6), pp. 830-845

(2013) with Daniel Kenealy 'Realist Visions of European Union: E.H. Carr and Integration', Millennium - Journal of International Studies, 41(2), pp. 221-246

Conference papers:

(2014) with Jan Eichhorn and Daniel Kenealy ‘Finding the Right Track? The Economic Crisis and the Increased Popularity of Right-Wing Parties Across Europe’: Paper presented at the ECPR conference in Glasgow

(2012) with Daniel Kenealy 'The Return of Realism to Europe: The Contemporary Crisis of the Union': Paper presented at the 'Reorienting Realism' Workshop in Edinburgh

(2013) 'John Herz and Realism's moment of transition': Paper presented at the Graduate Realism Workshop in Edinburgh

(2012) 'Hans Morgenthau and the tragedy of the nation-state': Paper presented at the 2012 BISA/ISA conference in Edinburgh

Other publications:

(2015) with Lefteris Antonopoulos 'The Greek Government’s programme: an act of defiance or a call for compromise?': LSE Blog: Eurocrisis in the Press