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Politics and International Relations (PIR): People


Louis Fletcher

Louis Fletcher
Louis Fletcher
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
History of International Political Thought, Genealogical Critique, Political Realism, Critical Theory, Democratic Peace, Philosophy of History, Peace Research, Utopianism

Research Interests

My interests cluster around the relationship between history and politics. First, on the history of ideas about the global, of the various ways in which relations among societies have been ordered, predicted and envisioned in the human imagination. Second, on the value of history for contemporary politics, especially the epistemological insight of genealogy, and the need for an appropriately realist account of the political. 

I am writing a genealogy of democratic peace, focusing upon efforts in the early and mid-twentieth century to rationally curtail the increasing destructiveness of war through its scientific prediction and control. I am also part of the Judging Political Violence project at Edinburgh. 

Before starting my PhD at Edinburgh, I took an MPhil in Political Thought & Intellectual History at the University of Cambridge, and a BA in Politics & International Relations at the University of York. I was a Visiting Fellow at the University of Chicago in 2016.