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Politics and International Relations (PIR): People


Omar Alejandro Loera-Gonzalez

Omar Alejandro Loera-Gonzalez
Omar Alejandro Loera-Gonzalez
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Mexico, Role Theory, Foreign Policy, Domestic sources of Foreign Policy, Geopolitics, Mexico-U.S. relations, Autonomy in Foreign Policy, the structure/agency problem

PhD working title:

National role conceptions on the contemporary configuration of Mexican foreign policymaking.

Research project:

My research focuses on the relationship between the national role conception of Mexico and the configuration of Mexican foreign policy, taking into consideration the domestic contestation of role conceptions and the effect of international structures.


Professor Juliet Kaarbo and Professor Mark Aspinwall.


  • MSc in International Relations (2014), University of Bristol, United Kingdom.

Dissertation: “Mexico’s bilateral relation with the United States:
Opportunities and constraints for Mexican foreign policy from the year
2000 to 2012”.
[Distinction mark obtained].

  • Graduate Certificate on U.S.-Mexico border studies, Colegio de la Frontera Norte; School of Global Policy & Strategy-UC San Diego (2017).
  • B.A. in International Relations (2012), Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico.

Minor in International trade. Dissertation title: “The role of energy security in contemporary relations between Guatemala and Mexico seen from the Copenhagen school of security studies”.

Teaching experience:

(2015-17). Adjunct university lecturer for undergraduate-level students at Tecnologico de Monterrey, in Mexico. Courses lectured:

  • Foreign Policy Analysis (2015).
  • International Relations Seminar (2015).
  • North American Regional Scenario (2015-16).
  • Latin American Regional Scenario (2016).
  • European Regional Scenario (2016).
  • Middle East Regional Scenario (2016).
  • Consular and diplomatic politics (2015-16).
  • Economic globalization (2015-16).
  • Economy and the State (2016).
  • Development, Society and Citizenship in Mexico (2016-17).

Research experience:

  • (2017) Field research coordinator for a team funded by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) to provide consultancy services to the Ministry of Education and Culture of Belize. Interviews, surveys and ethnographic methods were employed. I took part on the coding of the data gathered.

  • (2015). Assistant researcher of a team funded by the Inter-American
    Development Bank (IADB) for the elaboration of a case study concerning the
    tentative replication of specialized STEM schools in the Dominican Republic. I took part on the field research which was carried out on the Hermanas Mirabal Province on the Dominican Republic from May to June. Surveys, interviews, questionnaires, focus groups were employed. I took part on the coding of data gathered.

  • (2013). Assistant researcher for a project funded by the Clinton Global Initiative, evaluating the teaching of the English language to Mexican youngsters in the Mexican state of Puebla. I took part on the coding of the data gathered.
  • (2012). Assistant Researcher for a research project of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) with the purpose of evaluating pedagogical practices in math and science in Paraguay, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. I took part on the coding of the data gathered.


  • CONACyT scholar (Mexico).
  • Chihuahua’s (Mexico) youth award on academic activities-1st place.


  • Children and youth migrants in Mexico: State of research and public policy” Spanish Journal of Social Security and Employment. ISSN 2174-7504, Nº. 120, pp: 113-132.

  • Montero-Sieburth, Martha & Loera, Omar (2016). “State of the Art Review on Policy and Research of Returning Mexican and Stranded Central American Youth: The absence of pluricultural/intercultural educational practice in Mexico.” Journal of Intercultural Education. (Expected 2017).


  • Policy and research findings on youth of migrant descent in Mexico: A state of the art review”. ¨Presented at the South-North dialogues about child migration International seminar organized by the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. April 2015.

  • “Institutional governance of the Mexican-U.S. border”, presented at the XXIV annual congress of the Mexican Association of International Studies. October 2015”.


Spanish:  Native speaker.

English: Fluent.


Mexican Association of International Studies (AMEI).

South-North Dialogues on Children of Migrants (SOUNDS).