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Politics and International Relations (PIR): People


Sissela Matzner

Sissela Matzner
Sissela Matzner
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Foreign Policy, Political parties, Responsibility, Narratives, Humanitarianism, Political violence, Conflict, Military intervention

PhD title

The Politics of Intervention: Political Parties' National Role Conceptions in Foreign Policy Narratives on Military Interventions in Ongoing Conflict: France, Germany and Libya 2011

Submitted Jan 2018, viva May 2018, graduation November 2018


Professor Juliet Kaarbo

Dr Andrea Birdsall


  • Tutor for International Security (PG course, semester 1)
  • Communication Assistants Political Settlements Research Programme

Other ongoing activities at the University of Edinburgh include the membership of:

  • International Relations research group
  • Political Settlements research group
  • Foreign Policy and Role Network

For more information on my professional experience and academic activities, please email me.

Guidance and Feedback Hours semester 1, 2018

Please contact me to arrange a meeting.