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Politics and International Relations (PIR): People


Yazmin Morlet Corti

Yazmin Morlet Corti
Yazmin Morlet Corti
Edinburgh UK
Research Interests
Privacy, online privacy, Cyberspace as political space, Political Culture, policy prefrences, public policy, Comparative Politics, Big Data Analytics, big data, Science and technology, data protection, behaviour, attitudes, Quantitative Analysis




  • Center for Research into Information, Surveillance & Privacy bursary recipient
  • Digital Scholarship Bursary recipient
  • CONACYT full scholarship 2016- 
  • CEU scholarship. Budapest, Hungary
  • Full scholarship awarded by DGCI to study at the University of Wisconsin.
  • Honors in BA thesis.


Tutor  for Introduction to Political Data Analysis (statistics). The University of Edinburgh, School of Social and Politcal Science, Jan 2016 - currently 

Head of Research, Department of CommunicationUniversidad Nacional Autonoma de México. Faculty of Political and Social Sciences. . Apr. 2014 - Sep 2016   

Lecturer Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Faculty of Political and Social Sciences.   Aug. 2013 - Sep 2016.  -

Course 1: Political Communication Strategies. 7th semester students. Communication Sciences BA, UNAM.

Course 2 Information Analysis and Ideological Discourse. 8th semester students. Communication Sciences BA, UNAM.

Associate Researcher. Laboratory on Digital Communication. UNAM. Faculty of Political and Social Sciences.  April. 2015 - Sep 2016  

 Associate Researcher.  Interdisciplinary Seminar on Communication and Information. UNAM. Faculty of Political and Social Sciences.   Aug. 2013 - Sep 2016



  • Mediatelecom colaborator, 
  • Member of Internet Society,
  • Member of Association for Studies in Innovation Science and Technology


MA THESIS: "Speech Choices Mexico City 2012". Central European University. Jun. 2013.


(Morlet Corti, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017; Morlet Corti, Martinez Torreblanca, & Garcia, 2016)


  • Connected life Confrence, Oxford June 2017. Poster presentation "Mexico data protection attitudes". 
  • Turing Talks, Edinburgh june 2017. Data Protection Attitudes: Comparative Study of Europe and Latin America
  • AMIC  "Communication and democratic crisis in Mexico".  Presentation "Data protection a mixed public policy model in Mexico". 2017 20 to 21st of April 2017, Guanajuato, Mexico.
  • “Pararel activitiy to the exposition “Gravity”. Between ambiguety and communication”. May 26th, 2016. Sala Lumiére. Casa del Lago, Mexico City.  
  • “Foro #PlenoCiudadano”. November 12th 2015. Auditorio Flores Magón, Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales. UNAM. Mexico City
  • “Internet Sociedad y política” November 3rd 2015. Sala Lucio Mendieta y Núñez Facultad de Ciencias Políticas y Sociales. UNAM, Mexico City.
  •  Speech Choices in Mexico City “III Iberoamerican Culture and Speech Conference”.October 5th 2015. Institute of Social Research, UNAM. Mexico City
  •  “Política de comunicación de SEGOB, estudio de caso”. Asociación Mexicana de Investigadores en Comunicación (AMIC), 4th of june 2015. Querétaro, Mexico.
  • Community Communication. International Association for Media and Communication Research “Internet as a catalyzer for civic and political involvement: Evidence from US and Europe”.  June 2013. Dublin, Ireland.


  • Google analytics 
  • Center for Reserch into Information Surveillance and Privacy.  Surveillance Doctoral School, June 18th 2018 - june 23rd 2018, University of St. Andrews.