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Politics and International Relations (PIR): People



Postdoctoral and Research Fellows

Name Title Research Interests Contact Information
Sujin Hong Research Fellow Neuropolitics,Neuroimaging methods: functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI),Social neuroscience on pain and empathy,Musical empathy and social interaction 2.03 
18 Buccleuch Place
+44 (0)131 650 6632
Clare Llewellyn Neuropolitics of identity,Social media,Big data,Natural language processing,Text and data analytics   + 44 (0)131 650 6633
Maša Mrovlje Postdoctoral Research Fellow 3.22 
18 Buccleuch Place
Bettina Petersohn Research Fellow - Future of the UK and Scotland Territorial politics,Nationalism and Devolution,Intergovernmental Relations,Multi-level governance,Constitutional Politics,Minority nationalism 3.10 St John's Land
Holyrood Road
+44 (0)131 651 4752
Diana Popa Postdoctoral Research Fellow 3.22 
18 Buccleuch Place
Yaniv Voller Leverhulme Early Career Fellow Middle East Politics,African security,Decolonisation,Sovereignty,Rebel groups and insurgency 4.13 Chrystal Macmillan Building
15a George Square