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Bettina Petersohn

Bettina Petersohn
Dr Bettina Petersohn
Research Fellow - Future of the UK and Scotland
3.10 St John's Land Holyrood Road Edinburgh UK EH8 8AQ
+44 (0)131 651 4752
Research Interests
Territorial politics, Nationalism and Devolution, Intergovernmental Relations, Multi-level governance, Constitutional Politics, Minority nationalism


Dr. phil (TU Darmstadt)

MA (University of Augsburg) - major in Political Science, minor in Economics and Communication Studies


Biographical Statement

Bettina is a Research Fellow in the ESRC Programme "Future of the UK and Scotland", working in the project "Intergovernmental Co-ordination and Representation in the UK and the EU". Prior to joining the University of Edinburgh, she was a Senior Researcher at the University of Konstanz in the project "Dynamics of group conflicts in multinational, multilevel systems" funded by the GRF Excellence Initiative – EXC 16. Her main research interests lie in territorial politics and in the politics of accommodation with a particular focus on process organisation and constitutional reform.



Petersohn, Bettina (2013): Konfliktregulierung in multinationalen Demokratien. Föderalismus und Verfassungsreformprozesse in Kanada und Belgien im Vergleich. Baden-Baden: Nomos Verlagsgesellschaft.

Journal Articles

Petersohn, Bettina / Behnke, Nathalie / Rhode, Eva-Maria (2015), Negotiating territorial change in multinational states: Party preferences, negotiating power and the role of the negotiation mode, Publius. doi: 10.1093/publius/pjv016

McEwen, Nicola / Petersohn, Bettina (2015), Between Autonomy and Interdependence: the Challenges of Shared Rule after the Scottish Referendum, Political Quarterly Vol 86 (2).

Behnke, Nathalie / Petersohn, Bettina / Fischer-Hotzel, Andrea / Heinz, Dominic (2011), Measuring Success of Constitutional Reforms. Evidence from territorial reforms in eight Western democracies, Regional & Federal Studies, Vol 21 (4), 443-473.

Petersohn, Bettina (2011), Konfliktakkommodierung bis zur Selbstaufgabe? Stabilität und Dynamik der Verfassungsentwicklung in Belgien, Politische Vierteljahresschrift Vol 51 (2), 195-219.

Election Report

Bettina Petersohn (2012), The 2012 Landtag Election in Saarland: The End of a Coalition Experiment, Regional & Federal Studies, Vol 22 (4), 499-507.

Book Chapters

Bettina Petersohn (2014), Sechste Staatsreform – zweiter Teil: Belgien als Erfolgsmodell föderalen Wandels?, in: EZFF Tübingen (Ed.): Jahrbuch des Föderalismus 2014, 287-300.

Petersohn, Bettina (2013), Sechste Staatsreform: Ausbalancieren des Gemeinschaftskonflikts nach belgischer Tradition, in: EZFF Tübingen (Ed.): Jahrbuch des Föderalismus 2013, 303-316.

Petersohn, Bettina (2013), Constitutional Reform and Federal Dynamics: Causes and Effects, in: Arthur Benz / Jörg Broschek (Eds.): Federal Dynamics. Continuity, Change, and Varieties of Federalism. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 297-320.

Kemmerzell, Jörg / Petersohn, Bettina (2012), Regional Actors’ Participation in Constitutional Reform: Opportunities, Limits, and Risks, in: Arthur Benz / Felix Knüppling (Eds.): Federal Constitutional Reforms, 311-329.