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British Journal of Politics & IR

Edinburgh Politics & IR is now editorial home to the top politics and international journal, the British Journal of Politics and International Relations.  The BJPIR is a refereed journal published by SAGE under the auspices of the Political Studies Association of the United Kingdom. Click here for latest articles and all previous issues.

The BJPIR's 2016 Thompson Reuters impact factor was 1.423, making it the highest ranking Politics/IR journal (by most measures) to be published in the UK. Globally, it ranks 24/86 in International Relations and 62/165 in Political Science. The BJPIR is (by many measures) the world’s premier journal for research into British politics. But we are a truly international journal that publishes innovative, cutting edge contemporary scholarship on international relations, comparative politics, public policy, and political theory.

Click here to read the article selected as the best published in the BJPIR in 2016: Douglas Kriner & Graham Wilson, 'The Elasticity of Reality and British Support for the War in Afghanistan'.  We applaud the authors' decision to donate their cash prize  to the charity Hope for Heroes, which supports British servicemen and women, particulary those who have sustained wounds while serving.  Doug and Graham came to Edinburgh on 28th September to give a lecture based on their article.  It is now available here.  You can also view a short (5 minute) video that summarises their article here.

Congratulations to those who were short-listed for the Best Article 2016.  You can see short videos by clicking on the names of 2 of those authors:  James Sloam (Royal Holloway University of London) and Thomas Quinn (University of Essex).


We are now inviting proposals for Special Issue proposals to appear in 2019/20.  Details are available here.  Take a shot!  We're always available to coach/help refine your proposal. 

Edinburgh’s editorial team is overseen by the journal’s Editor-in-Chief, Prof. John PetersonDr. Alan Convery serves as the BJPIR’s Deputy Editor.    

Breakthrough Political Science/IR

The BJPIR will feature articles in 2018-19 by scholars who have produced seminal work or are the brightest, emerging talents and in the process of establishing new such fields.  ‘Breakthrough Political Science/IR’ articles will set research agendas & reflect on works that made a real difference.  Contributors will survey the state of the discipline in their area of expertise and identify the most important controversies and debates, especially ones inspired by their own work.  Breakthrough articles will be relatively short (6,000 words) and ideal for use in teaching.  They will be accompanied by short (4,000 word) commentaries by scholars who have contributed to debates sparked by 'breakthrough' contributors.  We are delighted to confirm that the BJPIR will soon feature Breakthrough Articles by Henry ShueG. John Ikenberry and Gary Marks & Liesbet Hooghe.  If you're attending the International Studies Association conference in San Francisco in  April 2018, pleased attend our roundtable on John Ikenberry's After Victory, which will be the subject of his Breakthrough Article, on Thursday, 5th April at 1030am.

We will also be publishing a Breakthrough Article by Henry Shue (Oxford) entitled 'Climate Surprises:  Pivotal Generations and Risk Transfer'.  Prof. Shue gave a lecture based on the article that was an Ethics Forum co-presented by the Just World Institute and Transatlantic Seminar on 13th October 2017.  You can view the lecture here.

If you were at APSA San Francisco (31 Aug-3 Sept 2017), thanks for coming to our panel (see below) featuring contributions to a Special Issue on Brexit (the UK's vote to leave the EU).  The Special Issue is now live and available to all here.  

The best article prize for 2015 went to Stephen Bell and Andrew Hindmoor’s ‘Masters of the Universe but Slaves to the Market: Bankers and the Great Financial Meltdown’.  Click here to view a short Youtube video which summarises the argument and features presentation of the best BJPIR article prize of 2015 to Andy Hindmoor'. Click to view a short video featuring Nicola J. Smith and Donna Lee discussing their article (short-listed for Best Article prize) entitled: 'What's Queer About Political Science'?

Jane Mansbridge (Harvard) contributed a BJPIR public lecture (held on 9th June 2016 'Why We Need More and More State Coercion') whihc you can view here.