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James Madison Trust - Identity and Governance in England Seminar Series

In the post-devolution UK, England stands out. While other UK nations now have their own political institutions, England is still governed centrally from Westminster. As the constitutional debate evolves outside England – with nationalist parties committed to dissolving or fundamentally renegotiating the UK state now involved in government in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – the anomalous situation of England becomes all the more striking. This seminar series, funded by the Madison Trust, explored this English anomaly. It focused on questions of identity – who the English think they are, how they understand Englishness and Britishness – and of governance. What are the present arrangements for governing England; how sustainable are they; and what are the prospects of further reform – either in reviving the regional agenda or developing new arrangements England-wide? All these issues affect Scotland, raising questions about the relationship of English, Scottish and British identities, and about the stability of arrangements for governing Scotland and England as component parts of a changing UK. These are just some of the important questions explored throughout this seminar series, bringing together a variety of academic perspectives – political, sociological, historical – and also drawing on expertise from politics and journalism.



See Michael Rosie (ed), Themed Section on Englishness, Nations & Nationalism, 16 (2), 2010.