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Politics and International Relations (PIR): Research


Reports and Publications

Project findings

    This project ran from 2006-2011 and has now concluded. All our major reports are available on these pages. A brief summary document reflecting on our findings is available here

Journal Articles

  • Sturdy, S., J. Smith-Merry and R. Freeman, forthcoming, 'Stakeholder consultation as social mobilization: framing Scottish mental health policy' Accepted for publication in the Social Policy and Administration
  • Smith-Merry, J. R. Freeman and S. Sturdy, forthcoming, 'Reciprocal Instrumentalism: Scotland, WHO Europe and Mental Health' Accepted for publication in the International Journal of Public Policy
  • Smith-Merry, J., R. Freeman and S. Sturdy (2011) ‘Transformation of a mental health system – the case of Scotland.’ Revue Sociologie Sante, 34.
  • Smith-Merry, J., R. Freeman and S. Sturdy (2011) ‘Implementing recovery: an analysis of the key technologies in Scotland.’ International Journal of Mental Health Systems, 5(1)
  • Smith-Merry, J., R. Freeman and S. Sturdy (2008) 'Organising mental health in Scotland' Mental Health Review Journal, 13(4):16-26.
  • Smith-Merry, J. 2008, 'Improving mental health and wellbeing in Scotland: A model policy approach' Advances in Mental Health, 7(3).


To be added to the project mailing list please email Jen Smith-Merry at jennifer[dot]smith-merry[at]sydney[dot]edu[dot]au

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