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Euro crisis Seminar, 9 November 2011

Event Name Euro crisis Seminar, 9 November 2011
Start Date 9th Nov 2011
End Date
Duration N/A


This event was jointly hosted by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at the University of Edinburgh, European Movement and the European Parliament Office. The aim of the seminar was to consider how and why the Eurozone has arrived at the situation in which it now finds itself, to assess what is at stake and, looking ahead, to consider what economic and political consequences might follow different possible courses of action that Eurozone leaders might take.

Why should you bother listening to this?  The four speakers have an impressive collective knowledge about EMU. Professor Jacques Mélitz is one of Europe's leading monetary economists and has written many articles on European monetary cooperation and integration. John Purves contributed to debates on the EMS and the euro for three decades as a Member of the European Parliament and Vice-Chair of the EP's Finance Committee (2001-09). Jacques Cailloux has been at the 'coal-face' of the euro crisis, following developments closely as the Chief European Economist of one of Europe's largest banks. Dr. David Howarth has been writing on the political economy of European monetary integration for two decades and has published three books and numerous articles on the subject.