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Politics and International Relations (PIR): Research


2008 / 2009

Date / Time Details Where
26 Nov 2008 2:30pm Secularism, Laicism and Religious Political Identity in Turkey
4 Nov 2008 4:30pm Canadian and American Parties in Comparative Perspective: Is it time to go beyond North American exceptionalism
2 Nov 2008 4:00pm Conceptualising and comparing traditional and non-traditional political activism
28 Oct 2008 4:00pm Roundtable on the Nov 4 2008 US Elections
23 Oct 2008 4:00pm Regional and national identity mobilization in Nova Scotia and North East England: Comparisons in Regionalism
15 Oct 2008 5:00pm Roundtable on the Oct 14 2008 Canadian Election
8 Oct 2008 5:00pm Fission, Fusion, Reform and Failure: Roh Moo-Hyun's Administration
Edinburgh Students