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Politics and International Relations (PIR): Research



EPOP draws its members from across the College of Arts and Humanities.  




Research Interests

Professor Ailsa Henderson (coordinator)

Politics & IR

sub-state political culture in federal and multi-national states, attitude measurement, electoral behaviour, civic engagement of young people

Mr Ross Bond


attitude measurement, national identity

Dr Alan Convery

Politics & IR

Britain, Multi-level party politics, British politics, Conservative party, Conservative politics, Scottish politics, Welsh politics

Mr Navraj Singh Ghaleigh


constitutional dimensions of the electoral process, party funding and election financing, donations to political parties

Dr Eve Hepburn

Politics & IR

multi-level party competition, territorial politics and parties

Dr Cristina Iannelli


youth socialisation, social mobility, gender and social inequality

Prof Charlie Jeffery

Politics & IR

regional and European dimension of party systems and voting behaviour, devolution in UK, German politics

Dr Juliet Kaarbo

Politics & IR

foreign policy analysis; Political psychology

Dr Fiona Mackay

Politics & IR

gender and political recruitment, gender party quotas, women's political representation

Dr Luke March

Politics & IR

communist parties, political extremism, populism, European Left, Russia, Eurasia&E Europe

Dr Nicola McEwen

Politics & IR

devolution in UK, territorial voting and parties

Dr Paul Norris

Social Policy

the impact of social context on attitudes and behaviours of individuals, neighbourhood effects, multi-level modelling, cluster analysis, event history and survival analysis

Dr Pontus Odmalm

Politics & IR

comparative political parties 

Dr Michael Rosie


socialisation, religious and national identities, media and attitudes

Dr Wilfried Swenden

Politics & IR

multi-level party competition, comparative federalism

Dr Andrew Thompson

Politics & IR

citizen involvement

Prof Stephen Tierney


constitutional law, deliberative democracy, referendums, legal accommodation of national identity

Dr Iain Wilson

Politics & IR

voter turnout, international student mobilization





Research interests

Gavin Barber

Politics & IR

political parties, comparative European politics, organisation studies

Tom Boyd

Politics & IR

electoral systems in divided societies, peace and conflict, governing in divided societies, ethnic conflict

Dave Marti

Politics & IR

territorial politics, nationalism and national identity, federalism, multiculturalism, democracy, political parties, multi-level governance

Alia Middleton

Politics & IR

election campaigning, constituency marginality, voter behaviour

Cera Murtagh

Politics & IR

ethnic politics, divided and post-conflict societies, nationalism and ethno-national identity, political parties and party systems in divided polities

Ibrahim Sani

Politics & IR

political parties and party systems in divided polities

Charlotte Snelling

Politics & IR

voting, political participation, youth participation, elections, campaigning, student movements

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