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Statewide parties in regional elections (UK & Spain)

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Since 2003 Wilfried Swenden has been co-supervising a project considering the electoral strategies and organization of statewide parties in regional elections in the UK and Spain. The project has been funded by the Flemish Fund of Scientific Research and the University of Leuven Research Council. It is coordinated by Bart Maddens (University of Leuven, Belgium). Total funding for this project (including the employment of two full time doctoral researchers) exceeded 350,000 Euros. Next to analyzing the internal structure of the leading British and Spanish statewide parties (especially their level of vertical integration and the autonomy of the regional party branches therein), the project developed a modified version of the Comparative Manifesto Methodology, enabling a systematic and comparative analysis of regional party manifestos in Scotland, Wales (1999-2003) and eight Spanish regions (2000-2004).