Feminism & State Architecture workshop at ECPR Joint Sessions 2011

Meryl Kenny and Fiona Mackay are presenting papers at a workshop which examines feminist approaches to, and the gendering effects of, different sorts of state architecture (such as federalism and multi level systems etc). The workshop is part of the ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops to be held in St Gallen, Switzerland April 12-17, 2011. 

Gender and the Inner Life of Institutions at PSA 2011

Fiona Mackay has organised a panel on 'gender and the inner life of institutions' to be held as part of the PSA Annual Conference in London April 19-21, 2011. The session aims to contribute to debates about the importance of examining everyday rules-in-use and practices within political institutions in order to understand the dynamics of institutional creation, continuity and change. Panellists include Elin Bjarnegård (Uppsala), Louise Chappell (UNSW), GPRG member Meryl Kenny (Edinburgh), Rod Rhodes (Tasmania) and Georgina Waylen (Sheffield). Francesca Gains (Manchester) will chair the session 

Feminism and Nuclear Weapons at PSA 2010

Claire Duncanson organised a panel on feminism and nuclear weapons at the PSA 60th Annual International Conference. The session on Feminism and Nuclear Weapons in the Post Cold War World assessed the contemporary feminist contribution to the nuclear debate in the current political conjuncture, including the changing relationship between masculinities and nuclear weapons; the connection between women, gender and anti-nuclear activism; and the gendered economic costs of a nuclear world. For more on this project, please visit the GPRG's research projects page.

International Workshop in Sydney 2010

Meryl Kenny and Fiona Mackay attended an international workshop on feminism and institutionalism in Sydney, March 23-25. The workshop, entitled Rethinking the dynamics of political institutions: integrating gender and neo-institutionalist perspectives brought together political scientists from the US, UK, Canada, Sweden and Australia to debate common interests in the role of institutions in political life. The workshop is the latest international event organised under the auspices of FIIN (Feminism and Institutionalism International Network) which is based at University of Edinburgh.

The workshop was supported by the Universities of New South Wales, Sydney, Sheffield and Edinburgh, and was funded in part by a British Academy - Australian British Academy - Academy of Social Sciences in Australia Joint Project Fund. It was organised by FIIN co-directors Louise Chappell (Sydney and NSW), Fiona Mackay (Edinburgh), Georgina Waylen (Sheffield) and FIIN co-ordinator Meryl Kenny (Edinburgh). See for more details.

Feminism, Gender and Institutions at MPSA and PSA 2009

GPRG members Fiona Mackay and Meryl Kenny presented papers at a panel on 'Feminism, Gender and Institutions' at the Midwestern Political Science Association (MPSA) Annual Meeting in Chicago, April 2-5 2009. They also presented papers at a panel entitled 'Feminist Institutionalism: The Way Forward?' as part of the UK Political Studies Association Annual Conference at the University of Manchester, April 7-9 2009.

First European Conference on Politics and Gender 2009

GPRG Members Dr. Fiona Mackay, Meryl Kenny and Amanda Wittman presented papers at the First European Conference on Politics and Gender, Queens University Belfast, 21-23 January 2009.

Fiona Mackay and Meryl Kenny also participated in a roundtable on feminist institutionalism, along with other members of the international research network FIIN. For more details, please visit the FIIN website.

Feminist Institutionalism at ECPR Joint Sessions 2008

Fiona Mackay (Edinburgh) and Mona Lena Krook (Washington University in St Louis) successfully directed a workshop as part of the ECPR Joint Sessions in Rennes, France from 11-15 April 2008. The workshop was entitled 'Gender, Politics, and Institutions: Towards a Feminist Institutionalism'.For more details, visit the FIIN website.


ECPR Workshop Members

Raewyn Connell Workshop 2007

In October 2007, Claire Duncanson and the GPRG hosted a two day visit by Professor Raewyn Connell (University of Sydney), one of the world's leading authorities on gender and masculinities. Professor Connell delivered a public lecture delivered a public lecture, entitled Gender and Power on a World Scale and also led an academic-postgraduate specialist workshop on Hegemonic Masculinities and the Possibility of Change in Gender Relations.

PSA Women and Politics Conference 2006

Edinburgh Politics hosted the Annual Conference of the Political Studies Association Women and Politics Section on February 11 2006, its first international conference. The theme of the one day conference was: 'Feminist Ethics, Feminist Politics, and the States we're in: Critical Reflections in Uncertain Times'.

Conference Dinner at the Scottish Parliament

Conference Dinner at the Scottish Parliament
Political leaders, G8, 2007