The Gender Politics Research Group brings together researchers from across The School of Social and Political Science and beyond, all of whom use gender and feminist analyses in their research.

Name Affiliation Research Interests
Prof Fiona Mackay (Convenor) Politics and International Relations women and comparative politics; feminist institutionalism; International Organisations, political representation; gender and constitutional change; gender and public policy
Dr. Claire Duncanson Politics and International Relations gender and IR; military masculinities; women, peace and security; peacekeeping and peace support; nuclear proliferation
Dr. Meryl Kenny  Politics and international Relations

feminist institutionalism; political recruitment; political representation; territorial politics


Dr Zoe Marks
Centre for African Studies
Peace and conflict, Rebellion and civil war, Gender and Development, Gender and Violence, International development, African studies, IR and Security studies, Comparative Politics
Megan Bastick Law Military responses to sexual violence in armed conflict;
Dr Alba Alonso Alvarez Visiting Fellow (University Santiago de Compostela) gender; women's movements, independence movements in Scotland and Catalonia, gender mainstreaming
Barbara Gaweda Politics and International Relations gender and politics; post-Communism; Eastern Europe
Dr Darcy Leigh Academy of Government  'post-liberal' forms of political agency; political, critical, feminist, queer and anti-colonial theory and action
Megan Canning



International Development, Gender and Development, Work, Labour, Livelihood, Land, Agriculture, Plantation Systems, Sugar Industry, Malawi, Africa, Women in Commercial Agriculture, Women in the Global Economy, Agro-Industrial Development in Africa, Political Economy of International Development in Africa, Feminisms in Development and Economics
Cera Murtagh Politics and International relations Ethnic Politics; Divided and Post-Conflict Societies; Nationalism and Ethno-National Identity; Political Parties and Party Systems in Divided Polities; Gender 

The Gender Reading Group

One of the main activities of the Gender and Politics Research Group is hosting the long-running Gender Reading Group (GRG), which draws upon feminist and gender researchers from the University as well as colleagues from other Scottish universities. The GRG provides a forum to discuss theoretical, methodological and empirical issues around the questions:

  • What Is Gender?
  • How Can We Research Gender?

See past GRG programmes.

GRG Members

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