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Politics and International Relations (PIR): Research


International Relations

Welcome to the International Relations Research Group.

IRRGWe are a research group within Politics and International Relations, but we like to think interdisciplinarily. We welcome research students and staff from across the School of Social & Political Science, and from beyond, as members, and invite them to attend, participate and present at our meetings.

The research group meets weekly during the semester. Members share research papers a week in advance, and then have the opportunity to present their work and receive feedback in an intensive (but friendly) hour-long meeting. If you wish to know more about the group, or join the group, please contact the convener, Nida Alahmad.

Unless otherwise noted, meetings take place in term time, 1-2pm, Room 2.15 of the Chrystal Macmillan Building, 15A George Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9LD.

Autumn 2019 schedule

23 Sept

Monalisa Adhikari

PIR/ Political Settlement Research Programme

‘Praetorian Peacekeepers: Impact of UN peacekeeping on civil-military relations’

30 Sept

Alexandria Innes

University of East Anglia

‘The Global and Local Politics of Everyday Life in 1950s Famagusta’

7 Oct

Sayra Van Den Berg Bhagwandas


‘Ex-combatant Participation in Sierra Leone’s TRC: Advancing an empirical framework of institutional engagement.’

14 Oct

Rebecca Tapscott 

Graduate Institute, Geneva

‘Arbitrary governance in modern authoritarian regimes: Informal security and social control in Uganda’

*NOTE location for this session is: Teaching Room 7 Old College

This talk is co-hosted with the Centre of African Studies and Centre for Security Research

*Special Session

18 Oct

1:30 – 3:00 pm

CMB 2.15

*Special Session

Joost Hiltermann 

International Crisis Group

*Special Session

Dialogue with Joost Hiltermann on conducting fieldwork in conflict zones, and careers outside academia. 

21 Oct

Murat Uzun 

Sakarya University/ PIR

‘Artificial Intelligence and State Economic Security’

28 Oct

Andrew Neal


‘The Rise of National Security Strategies’

4 Nov

Kasia Kaczmarska


‘The Social Uses of Theory in IR and the Discipline’s Quest for Scientific Credibility’

11 Nov

Claire Duncanson 


Gender, Peacebuilding and Natural resources project

18 Nov

Jamie Allinson 


‘The Syrian War Economy: A critique of the concept’ 

25 Nov

Andy Hom


‘Victory and Politics of American Wartime’

2 Dec

Julia Calvert


‘Defending Investor Rights: Barriers to reforming investment rules in Australia and Peru’ 

9 Dec

Wassim Mroue


‘Framing Contests Between Same-Sect Parties: Hezbollah and Amal as a case study’

December 23 winter teaching vacation starts- end Jan 10