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Politics and International Relations (PIR): Research



This 'International Relations Research Group' (IRRG) is open to all staff and research students based at or visting the University of Edinburgh. Crucially, this is a 'read before' event: we try to circulate papers a week in advance of our meetings. If you want to receive our weekly papers, updates about the group, or to present to the group, then contact the convenor,  Andrea Birdsall.

Schedule for Semester 2, 2017/18

  • 22 January – John Peterson ‘Structure, Agency and Transatlantic Relations in the Trump Era’
  • 29 January – Julia Calvert 'Not the Passive Victims: Expanding Space in IPE for Global South Actors'
  • 5 February – Nicola Perugini ‘Hospitals-shields: The Italo-Ethiopian War and the Global   Transformation of International Law’
  • 12 February - Sissela Matzner, Research proposal: Animals in International Relations. An exploration of live animal exchanges in diplomacy: symbols and foreign policy processes
  • 26 March – Joan Scott chapter from ‘Gender and the Politics of History'
  • 9 April - Charles Raab ‘Revisiting The Governance of Privacy: Policy Instruments in Global Perspective’
  • 16 April - Oliver Turner ‘Morality and Progress: Western (IR-) narratives on International Revisionism and the Status Quo’
  • 23 April- Rebecca Smyth 'Reconceiving Reproductive Rights: A Feminist Approach to International Human Rights Law'
  • 30 April – Ty Solomon, University of Glasgow, ‘Rhythms and Mobilization in International Relations’
  • 7 May - Professor David Newman, OBE, Ben-Gurion University, ‘Geopolitics and Real-Politik in the Determination of  Borders in the Middle East and in Israel – Palestine post ISIS’
  • 9 May- Cristian Cantir, Oakland University, 'Kin States in Sub-State Diplomacy Conflict Dynamics'

Full details of these events can be found here - International Relations Research Group Events

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