Politics and International Relations (PIR)
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This 'International Relations Research Group' (IRRG) is open to all staff and research students based at or visting the University of Edinburgh. Crucially, this is a 'read before' event: we try to circulate papers a week in advance of our meetings. If you want to receive our weekly papers, updates about the group, or to present to the group, then contact the convenor,  Andrea Birdsall.

Schedule for Semester 1, 2017

25 September – Andy Hom ‘Anxiety, Time, and Ontological Security Theory’s Third-Image Potential’

2 October – Andrew Neal ‘Fearless speech vs security politics’

16 October – Jan Pospisil and Monalisa Adhikari ‘Twin transitions’

23 October – Sissela Matzner

30 October – Cora Lacatus ‘Explaining institutional strength: the case of NHRIs in Europe’

6 November – JP Singh ‘Development 2.0: How technology fosters participation in the developing world’

13 November – John Peterson ‘Trump, BREXIT & Transatlantic Relations’

20 November – Ewan Stein 'Historical sociology and the IR of the Middle East'

27 November - Hsinyen Lai ‘Gramsci and making a case of historical sociology and the relationship between Arab nationalism and foreign policy’, *** this meeting will be in Pod 3

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