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Politics and International Relations (PIR): Study


Accommodation and Welfare

I just can't get over how much my perspective has changed in a mere 15 weeks. ... I have absolutely fallen in love with Scotland and really would like to pursue a career in politics over here, only behind the scenes though. ... I had the most wonderful experience and coming here was the best decision I ever made.

- Naser Javaid (Placement with Jamie McGrigor MSP)


Placement students are guaranteed an offer of accommodation by the University of Edinburgh. Along with other visiting students, Parliamentary Placement students live in University owned premises, such as catered Halls of Residence, self-catering Residences, and University Flats (apartments). Most are located conveniently both to academic areas, for access to class rooms and libraries, and to the Parliament building. It is recommended that Parliamentary Placement students opt for College Wynd or Roberson’s Close if they want to stay together as a group.


Like all other Edinburgh University students, Parliamentary Placement students will be assigned a Personal Tutor to advise on course work, to monitor progress and to help on any matter which might affect academic progress.

Personal counselling is available from the Student Counselling Service. Parliamentary Placement students are eligible for free medical care for illnesses which arise during their stay and which can be dealt with by the University Health Service.

Edinburgh Global provides an orientation programme for overseas students. The University's Study Abroad Guide offers an introduction to the opportunities available to overseas students at Edinburgh.

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